Sunday, May 23, 2010

Your Weekend was not as Good as Ron Johnson's

So Ron Johnson is now the prohibitive favorite to win the GOP nomination for US Senate after an eventful weekend at the state party convention. Here's Dick Leinenkugel's press release suspending his campaign and endorsing Johnson:
Leinenkugel Shuts Down Campaign Release 5.23.10
Two things:

1.) Johnson can now ignore Terry Wall and concentrate his fire on Feingold for the duration of the campaign.

2.) The state GOP is taking a huge -- gigantic -- leap of faith by giving Johnson its imprimatur. Johnson's has been campaigning all of a week and no one knows how he will handle the pressure and scrutiny that lies ahead. This is especially important during a week when Tea Party poster boy Rand Paul made an instant cautionary tale of himself.


capper said...

Don't rule out Westlake yet. I hear he is starting to pick up a little steam.

WI State Erections Board said...

yeah - Dick v. Johnson
those Republicans and their sweaty, noisy, homoerotic struggles. Kinda makes you wish Jeff Wood and Peter Theron were in the race too. We'd all need to start pronouncing the "State Elections Board" with a bogus Asian accent.

well IMO the Republican's are way into the crazy sauce, we'll see how all this extremism goes for them.

BTW on the Dem side - the buzz among the mundane citizens of the great state of WI seem to indicate that someone in the Dem party needs to get Lassa's charisma and public speaking skills pumped up in a fat hurry. If they wanna pick up the stragglers, undecideds and independents - it ain't lookin' real good at the mo'.
Do we want to see that seat go Red? no I don't think we do.
Get out the steroids or something.

spin watcher said...

also over the weekend - interesting developments in the Lora Rae Anderson make-over
oops I mean story.