Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ron Johnson and the Tea Party (Redux)

The only real interesting development out of the Johnson campaign today was the addition of several photos from the Madison April 15th Tea Party to Johnson's Flickr page:

Why is this interesting? Because Johnson has largely tried to downplay his involvement with the Tea Party during his first week on the campaign trail. The photos, however, tell another story. The title of each picture contains the words "Tea Party." It suggests that the campaign is going to try and have it both ways with regards to the tea party: shrug it off in the mass media, but use it to brandish his conservative bona fides in the new media.

One would think that after Rand Paul's disastrous TV interview last night and the ensuing discussion on race and Tea Party movement that one would want to continue to distance one's self from the TPers, but that's not what appears to be happening here.


Don't Want No Scrubs said...

Hey you know this maybe really old news but the Big Johnson isn't the only guy scrubbin' his page of Chief-ness.
I haven't looked at the Palmerian Page in a long time but while hopping around Osh blogs (not only do you have one for weather, you have one for BEER too?) so anyway I just got TP-ed.
!!! And I noticed he no longer links to you.

This is odd since I have noticed how you are careful never to criticize him, only Esslinger. (well except that ONE post about Tony's shitpile being so huge it can be seen from space.

But de-linking you, whoa. I'm thinking if you really wanted to make mincemeat outta that mouse there'd be blood all over Oshkosh, so I further assume you're trying to be 'decent" in that regard?

Did you boyz have some tussle over Hockey Metaphors while I was "away" and he de-linked? You still link to HIM.
But it's weird cuz after all his Stew R. and (alleged) Gannett-ONW hate he still links to them.

Why drive traffic to Big Box Devil-Media but NOT to a Free Speeching, "Question Everything" Citizen Journalist such as yourself?
If he listened to the principles comin' outta his own piehole he'd not cut you off like that.

Can this really be Stewie? nah... said...

Honestly - sorry if what I said up there was "inappropriate" in any way. After reading a few blogs it's easy for people to stop seeming real etc etc. I really enjoy your blog - I don't wanna pay that back with shittiness, oops I mean EXCESSIVE shittiness. The normal amount I feel okay about :P

CJ said...

Think City Council Live Chat might have been a tipping point for the de-link?

:/ said...

oh. but that wasn't The Chief's fault. He never talks

prob'ly needs to protect that secret identity

Jb said...

We cite our sources, regardless of whether we agree with them or not. The end.