Monday, May 24, 2010

Racine's City Council Whack Jobs are much more Articulate than Oshkosh's

Listen to local Racine area nutcase George Meyers speak fluidly and with a gilded tongue on how RFID chips in recycling bins are really an attempt by Racine municipal government's "pyramid of power" to subvert the local populace's constitutional rights:

Not bad, eh? Oshkosh's crazy city council commenters have clearly suffered from the absence of Gordon Douley and Ken Bender. We should invite Mr. Meyers up to give a seminar on how cranks should address local government.

Don't forget about tomorrow's City Council Live Chat at 6:00 PM!


Anonymous said...

OMG I love that man!

and he's SO right! One should Never Never Never trust the Director of Public Works! never! If they were Sims they'd hit Emperor Of Evil Level 10 right out of the Sim Bin.

I wish I could hear his Chicken Talk. When they hell did those lice-ridden bastards hijack Democracy?
chickens chickens chickens
suddenly it's all about the chickens
It's almost like a group of genetically modified chickens have achieved self-awareness and are working thru a core group of highly compliant humans to usurp Human Control of the planet. You can laugh now but when someone YOU know begins to earnestly advocate for chickens in every home THEN you'll see.

But... will it already be.. too late...


and remember said...

The Chickens NEED the Humans because
they have no hands. They covet our digits. Constant cell phone and keyboard use are signs of Chicken Domination. Stay vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that man just made the Mayor look like he was a mental invalid.

Anonymous said...

George Meyers is a douche!!!

CJ said...


Graham in Racine said...

George Meyers is absolutely correct. The city of Racine forced the ID bar coded recycle bins on the taxpayers knowing that the vast majority of citizens were against them. Then they passed laws forcing people to use them or face fines. Plus, the real estate agent posing as mayor promised there would be no new taxes if he was elected. But, every property owner is having $20 tacked on to his property taxes, plus an additional $20 charge (fee) for each of the bins.

Recycling is a voluntary procedure, we had a program that was already in place and over 90% of the property owners were perfectly happy with it. But along came the city council who, once again NOT representing the WILL of the people, place themselves above the people as overlords and FORCE us to participate in a program under threat of punishment. Once small step for socialism, one giant step against individual freedom.

Jb said...

Yeah, how the recycling program came about is nothing we either know about nor care about.

Meyers is insinuating a government plot by the city of Racine to spy on residents' recycling habits, as if the city had the time, resources, or desire to do so.

Let's just take a deep breath and ask ourselves one important question before we say more crazy nonsense:

If the city did have the ability to spy on local residents, why would they devote that ability to something as non-essential as recycling? Wouldn't Big Brother care about more important things?

Mr. Meyer is using his time before the council to ear-monger and spread conspiracy theories. The end.

Anonymous said...

George should spent more time fixing up his rental properties then exploiting the people who live in them. George whines and complains at everything the city does yet does nothing but continue to be a slum lord. What a hypocrite!

Tim the Shrubber said...

"George Meyers is absolutely correct. The city of Racine forced the ID bar coded recycle ..."

George Meyers is absolutely insane.

ID bar coded? Come on, at least get your conspiracy theory correct...the carts have RFID chips, not bar codes.

Douglas McCloud said...

I'd gladly swap out James Genisio for this guy. We can get a bus ticket fund started I'm sure.