Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scott Walker's Second Flip Flop

Contra Mike Hahn's semantic sophistry, the immigration thing is a pretty cut and dry flip-flop. The La Crosse Tribune says so, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says so, even Mark Belling calls it a flip-flop.

That's #2.


Flip-Flop 'n Flaccid said...

But when is being caught flip-flopping NOT bad? when your supporters are even MORE "for" you afterward. and why would they be? because they now have hard proof that he can be pressured, he will obey, they own his ass.
and if he wins they'll be gleefully hoping for more of the same. Really, a guy who wavers because of what appears on a FACEBOOK PAGE? 100% Dickless maybe?

I remember thinking how lame it was a few years ago when politicians were all giddy at the idea of harnessing the Lemming-Power of Facebook. Funny it's gone the other way now, and instead of Big Powerful Men at the helm of public opinion as they hoped, FB is now steering THEIR ships for them.

Mike H said...

I never said it wasn't a flip-flop. My use of "clarification" was an attempt at sarcasm, as I'm certain the campaign would call it that.

If you read the post closely I don't think that I defend Walker all that much. It could have been a chance at leading a statewide discussion, but the way in which he handled it makes it look like a purely political flip.

I thought I made the point that Walker's team screwed up pretty clear. The change in positions is defensible given the amendments to the bill. But the sequence of this episode makes that almost impossible.