Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ron Johnson Unleashes First Email

It arrived in email inboxes on Friday.

Note: the header graphic was far more crisp in the original email. It unfortunately became blotchy during the format conversion process. C'est le vie!

Johnson Email #1


grumps said...

It must be one of his baby pictures with the 13 star flag behind him. How far back does he think he can afford to take us?

Ron's Way-Back Machine said...

Probably wants to remind people of a time when a black man would have been chained to the bowels of a ship, not sitting in the Oval Office.
Ah the good old days, huh Ronnie?

:O !!!
Hey I just realized that grumps fella up there has Sherman and Mr. Peabody in his avie! I am over come with respect. and Lol now I have the Rocky and Bullwinkle theme song in my head too.
This is gonna be a weird day I can tell.

(and where is Mr. Know-it-all now that we really need him?)

Pedo Bear for Senate said...

Also I would like to point out that Ron Johnson is apparently ANTI-WISCONSIN, since we aren't even ON that damn flag.

He should go run in one of the original 13 - he obviously likes them better.