Monday, May 3, 2010

The "Meaning" of Lora Rae Anderson's Departure from the GOP

I told you MTW was going to be a lot of fun!

So today there is a bizarre and mysterious post on MTW that explains why several earlier posts have been deleted:

As the Lora Rae Anderson situation is losing meaning as a substantive political issue in Wisconsin, Mike Tate Watch has deleted all posts regarding the subject and deciding to not report further on this matter.
That's odd because the press release is still up on the DPW website.

Our basis for the decision is that what was supposed to be a simple news subject has became a issue blown out of proportion by other bloggers who have been seeking to find gains on the issue.

In other words: Maichle can't seem to find any more ways to twist this story into a convenient mental compartment, so he's just going to drop it altogether.

We first reported on the situation after Chairman Tate was engaging in press release politics to score cheap political points on the situation when he knew his party is down in the polls. On the other hand, many others have seen this situation as their domain to spew the ideological garbage towards those involved in the center right movement.
Listen, if you're going to make a claim like this, throw in some links or at least cite some examples. This just sounds like you're making stuff up.

This is why the issue lost its meaning as a substantive issue.
Wait -- because people have said things that have hurt Maichle's feelings, the entire issue has lost meaning? Now that's an existential conundrum!

In the best interests of discussing the real issues at hand, we decided to take down all three related posts in regards to Ms. Anderson and the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans.

Let's look at what he's really saying here: "In the best interests of discussing the real issues at hand" -- his exact words -- we're not only going to stop discussing the story altogether, but we're going to whitewash any record of having discussed it previously and forget it ever happened ... and this is somehow the best way for the discussion to move forward?

Since Maichle's clearly run out of fuel in his tank, we'll take it upon ourselves to pluck some more meaning from this cautionary tale to help move this story right along.

Here we go:

One of things that should have been immediately apparent from Anderson's initial press release were her reasons for leaving the party. They were all social issues. She cited gay marriage, a racially insensitive undercurrent, the anti-sex ed threats of a Wisconsin DA and the demagoguery of various conservative celebrities. There's nothing to suggest Anderson doesn't still retrain fiscally conservative opinions. In fact, here's a piece she wrote for the UW-EC student newspaper arguing against the stimulus.

I'd say the combination of the above views puts Anderson squarely into the Libertarian camp. Perhaps it might help the state GOP -- and the state CRs, in particular -- to do some soul searching on the role of Libertarians in the party? Are they welcome? Do they make a contribution? Are young conservatives giving up on the social issues religious conservatives championed for the last 30 years? Does the GOP need social conservatives anymore?

So far as I can tell, no one has bothered addressing these questions.

Next comes the problem of Anderson's stature. Like it or not, when a leader of an organization like the CRs departs with acrimony, it's kinda big deal. For one thing, the symbolism doesn't look good. For another, it basically means that two potential leaders have left the organization: one being the person who held the title of "chairman" and the other being the person who could have held the title in her place.

Moving on: What does it say about an organization that it would elect someone so disillusioned by the post? I assume Anderson didn't win her position in a steel cage match or just appointed herself chairman ... she was elected, and if she was the best choice according to the candidates at the time, well, that really doesn't speak well to the rest of the leadership.

The last thing I'll mention is this bit from the second of her press releases:
The Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans has a new group of leadership who was elected Saturday, April 24th. “These people are amazing,” said Anderson, “I understand that they have had to do a significant amount of ‘dealing with’ my previous press release."
I don't know if the CRs want such a ringing endorsement of their new leadership cadre from someone they are about to shun. If I were the old gaurd, I would be worried they new crew still had ties to the old chair. I don't know what Republicans do in that type of situation these days ... loyalty oaths? polygraphs? waterboarding?

Anyway, the "meaning" of the Anderson departure is hardly a settled issue. There are many more things to discuss on the topic. I wish Anderson would say more about the issue, but I do hope she decides to stop participating in a blogger flame war via press release. That's just not going to get her anywhere.


Stewie said...

okay weird, that's the girl I met over at Aaron Brewster's house, she dates Arman. He's one of the guys setting up Bob Fest North over here with Eric Rosenquist and a couple of CF Dems.

Westrate is an asshole for sure. I didn't hear about this till now - I can be in my own world at times for sure
but anyway if Westrate got nasty about her friends well...obviously that was not a good choice. I know she's been close with a lot of the (hahaha) "leftist kids".
But that's not the first time Westrate got nasty either, he got really viciously-personal about a friend of mine during the council race. I really have no idea why the Republican party is allowing that guy free reign. He seems to have come out of nowhere and is making a name for himself (and stupidity) since replacing Laurie Forcier who was NOTHING like Westrate in PR-leadership style that I ever heard about.

But re: the larger picture, this area IMO is pretty ripe for Teabaggers to catch on and dig in so I hope the Bobfest North thing goes well. and whoa I gotta find out more about this Facebook fight. I left FB until just recently. But Westrate is like fuckin' Satan Incarnate as far as I have seen. Just a bullying asswipe. He's a big lunky redneck, it's him who should be getting any heat for this fiasco, insulting a young woman like this.

Look at his personal website - you can tell what a 'tard he is.

Stewie said...

now I have to apologize - I'm confused. re-reading your post I see there is no mention of Westrate so my remarks seem outta nowhere. Following links etc on this I read that there was a Facebook fight with Westrate etc etc. in which he insulted her "leftist" friends and used racial slurs. I was thinking i had read that here.

However if that is correct - that she had been bullied by Westrate, and that he had started the "flame war" I suppose the only thing she can hope for is to call as much attention to Westrate's behavior as possible. I'm sure the entire County will benefit from leadership more like (Former Rep Party Chair) Forcier's was.

Perhaps that's all she really wants to 'get out of this", just a bit of "Justice"?. Her own "career" within the Republicans is pretty much over, whistle blowers never get too much love. But they can hope to shed light on crappy behavior and if Westrate was the issue as I have read elsewhere, then maybe his political "career" needs to end soon as well.

But if you'd like to hear more from her you could probably ask yourself? I don't think an Interview, even a casual one from an anonymous blogger constitutes being part of a flame war. But my instinct is that she's not trying to get anything out of this, just that she is an idealist in her own way and is speaking out against injustice she has encountered, hoping others don't have similar experiences. Probably not sitting there with a political strategist playing this for gain. if I understand correctly that a party leader insulted/slurred her boyfriend?
Well geez, what would YOU do?
I myself would make a big noisy mess, no matter how unpleasant or embarrassing it was.

Stewie said...

One other thing I'll say about her - as to whether or not she was the "best person who could have been elected to the post" the answer to that is yes. Her reputation was as a very serious and committed conservative. Her demeanor is very very serious, she was no empty-headed spokesmodel.
if she had disillusioning experiences during her time of "greater intimacy" in a political party well that is not exactly a new thing is it?
She was serious and sincere, a hardworking type, as idealistic as any of her "leftist friends". Those people just don't hang out with lightweights.

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