Monday, May 24, 2010

Oshkosh City Council Live Chat Tuesday

6:00 PM


Here's agenda:

City Council Agenda 5-25-10


No Dude HERE'S the agenda - said...

-Say something lame on sign-in/Welcomed by Chief

-Jef puts in cameo appearance

-CJ tries to get off on right foot, no one seconds, motion tabled indefinitely

-Worst Tie

-Funniest Hair

-Biggest Bloviator Award

-The Evening's Bizarre Video

-Some poor slob tries to make intelligent remarks

-Poor slob gives up

-Improv Heckling throughout evening as needed

-Random typed sound effects, reactions, exclamations and ejaculations (take that literally and you'll probably need to bring a soft cloth to clean your screen)

-Spontaneous orations on various statutes, laws, and Roberts Rules of Order directly contradicting whatever the Council is doing and all completely pulled outta our asses. If you have actual knowledge PLEASE leave it in the cloak room for the duration.

-CJ begins to feel guilty again and tries to say "something positive"

-Chief feels a moral responsibility to support her effort, but gets distracted in mid-type by a new atrocity from the dais and loses the thought

-Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings Anti-Esslinger Hymn, not a dry eye in the place

-Ron suddenly yells out enthusiastic cyber-toast from his dark little corner of the chat box for no apparent reason and has clearly been slamming cyber-shots for most of the afternoon already and is fooling no one

-Thank Chief

-Go home

CJ said...

Darn. I have a meeting tomorrow night.

Maybe I can wrap it up early.

CJ said...

Thanks Stewie