Sunday, May 2, 2010


Oh, the honeytrap! Why are you so awesome?

The Russians are the undisputed masters of honeytrapping and appear to have no plans of slowing down in the future.


Stewie said...

Thank God someone is finally writing about this heinous situation. People are always trying to seduce me to find out what I know.

CJ said...

But if you KNOW they are trying to seduce you to get you to tell them what you know, then you can let them seduce you and get them to tell you what THEY know.

I mean, that is, if you are so inclined.

Stewie said...

Weeell, hmm.
That might work if they aren't super-disgusting AND if what they know is more interesting than what I know. But I consider what I know to be some pretty interesting shit, so I can easily imagine a Mexican Stand-off of Seduction, where both are saying "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" and neither does. Ever.
We just sit there glaring with hostility and hidden knowledge. Knowledge which of course turns out to be completely worthless and not at all worth that level of drama. Or maybe something with only relative value - like a recipe for really good chili.

But if you have followed the links or read about this Katya person in Russia, well I hope she has no soul, because if she does have even a shred of one, I feel sorry for her. It's just gotta be like "dating" Jabba the Hut over and over. *ralph*

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