Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ron Johnson Victorious in the GOP Convention Swag War by Photoshopping in a Modern American Flag

Shinny things attract attention:

Note that the American flag in the background has actually been Photoshopped. In the original photo, taken at a Tea Party in Madison, the flag was the "Betsy Ross version" with only 13 stars in the blue background.


Anonymous said...

lol he must be reading our critiques here

You know, now that I think about it, Ron would pick up a LOT of undecided votes if he did a publicity shot with a banana stuck in his pants while holding hands with an under-age male intern. That would make a nice t-shirt, and by golly I hope he never does that, he'd win easy that way

Jb said...

That reminded me of the second half of this bit.

Anonymous said...

another movie I never saw (this one I heard of tho')