Monday, May 17, 2010

Ron Johnson's Web Site is Live

The URL is kinda long -- -- but easy enough to remember. The layout is remarkably green. It wouldn't hurt to have crafted even a short biography:

That's it. No policy initiatives, stances on major issues or any other pertinent information. Right now it would appear the site is primarily used to collect personal contact info, but we're sure that will change shortly.


Only The Shadow Knows... said...

hmm. It will be interesting to know.(i'll forget about this guy so you'd have to be the one to notice and post updates if yer of a mind to)
However -
I once worked (for a very short time due to "serious creative differences" Lol) on a candidate's website. I was dismayed/concerned that they were NOT putting up any stands on any issues and basically to my way of thinking the site was a total waste of money. To say there was NOTHING on it is not at all an exaggeration.
Even with the passage of time, all I can think is that blankness was 100% intentional - to NOT have the candidate clearly defined so that people can more easily project wishful thinking onto "it"? So that you see nothing to contradict what you IMAGINE the person stands for? The candidate runs on super-vague concepts and nothing else.

It turned out that there never was any info other than a short bio, and as you said, Contact and Donation forms. It was like that for the entire campaign, UNTIL about 4 days before the election. Really. Suddenly a bit of actual content appeared, still minimal but the pages were no longer so blank.
It was a total WTF experience for me. It helped augment my already astronomical levels of cynicism. I assume there is a new approach "out there", to conspicuously stand for nothing other than the most nebulous and emo-tastic concepts and to actively hide your TRUE values and beliefs.

This candidate, once elected did then surprise both Party and previous supporters with "oppositional behavior". Which was not exactly out of character, just um... not written down or "openly expressed" and there for highly "contained" and seemed surprising. The "surprise" was so great that one org who had actively supported felt a need to put out Lit that was now in opposition to the person they had officially endorsed a short time previous.

I expect the re-election campaign to be similarly "elusive". I also would expect this horseshit to bother people that have to work and associate with candidates such as this, but it doesn't seem to have serious repercussions? I dunno, I'm no longer "Privy", nor do I wish to be. I doubt i'd find the rationalizations of career politicians very enjoyable to hear, so it can remain one of life's glorious mysteries.

There now, that was my entry in the "Use Quotation Marks To An Abusive Level In A Blog Comment" contest. :P

CJ said...

Shadow- That might be "share-worthy" on his Facebook and other sites...
Dontcha think?

Full quote said...

It actually was just that a line from the intro to an old radio serial popped in to my head while I was typing my comment so I used it as the title.

It's -

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? the Shadow knows...mwahahaha"

Attention Ronald Kane Hardy!! said...

RKH should probably be informed of this shitty shitty rendition/rip-off known (to no one) as "Duct Tape Boy"

The big guy with the black mask and uber-sexy janitor's keys is um...older than you'd guess AND was a candidate for County Board about 3 years ago. Interestingly (as we are talking about campaign styles) he did nothing to actually campaign AT ALL other than file papers and then sit back and eat Cheetos. In the end, I don't think he even got up out of his chair to go vote for himself.
But yeah, the Duct Tape Boy thing,


Me and Myself said...

Me: God I HATE that!

Myself: whut.

Me: okay when I come here and see something like here on this post "4 comments" I think aha! signs of life! more comments! and I often don't back at older posts so if I DO then...y 'know.

Myself: whut.

Me: well it's really annoying then, when I look and i see it's just a string of my own bullshit, and that I just forgot making more than one comment on a post. gaaaar! I'm everywhere!!!

Myself: then STFU for awhile

Me: omg whut ????! :O

Ron said...


grrr said...

Jeezus dude.

It would behoove you to specify what that "Lame" applies to -

the video????,
OR the entire column of comments?!

and I know you well enough to realize that you'll just reply "yes"
so don't bother :P

Ron said...

That duct tape kid video was seriously lame. Not even in a "so lame its actually cool" kind of a way. Borrowed jokes, stale themes, blah blah blah not even worth a review.

Stay chipper!