Wednesday, May 19, 2010

None of this Makes any Sense

Will someone please decipher Kyle Maichle's latest epistle to the solipsists?


Kyle Is All Pucked Up said...

First I had to look up solipsistic, I always forget what that means. so - stuck in his own head, that seems to pretty much answer your own question then, eh?

But no, it really doesn't make any sense beyond the obvious idea that each of his posts is an attempt to
a.) seem analytical, intelligent and predictive and yet failing at all three.
and in this case
b.) trying to be creatively witty by continuing on with that damn Hockey theme (lol just WHO could the "Goalie" be? or did he just toss that in for "atmosphere"?) which seems to imply he has read your comments on his "writing style" and he's trying to bug you? or XDD maybe he thinks yer jealous. :)and he's rubbin it in.

also - Lulz at his love for the alphabet - you know they way he tries to seem smart by writing sentences like

"In Alabama, the Democrats exposed their weak underbelly when the HTM-99.547 flew past the *20.trd subsection Z/q and the Committee for the reinstatement of JKD met with resistance from the BORT which was ultimately rousted by the MURG, which gave the Missouri candidate a deft wedgie, and that is EXACTLY what is gonna happen in Wisconsin. Cuz only I know."

bwahahaha Yes Kyle, only YOU know.

Jb said...

That actually says it all: Kyle Maichle is basically a totally uncool version of Roman DeBeers (flagrantly obscure reference entirely intended.)

grumps said...

And now he's taken to posting a comment as Kyle and replying to himself as the Tatertot. It's all just creepy

Jb said...

As for solipsists, you shouls watch more movies

Jb said...


That's uber-weak.

Jb said...

Sockpuppetry shall not stand!