Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally, Something We All Can Agree On

Another Kevin Barrett for Congress campaign is completely unnecessary.


Hu Flung Pu said...

Lol at his tagline -
"The best jihad is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant"

It just me? or does that sound like a big ol' Silverback Gorilla flingin' poo at passersby?
oh yeah it sure does. so I guess we can all agree on that too.

Stewie the Strategist said...

You know, all this talk about campaign styles has made us here at Stewie International realize that (we think?) Gordon Hintz is up for re-election in Nov?
We will be eagerly awaiting any videos that may spring forth. And we REALLY hope he goes with a Chicken McNugget theme. We think a lot can be done with that imagery.

A close-up on a protective hand cradling a pair of Nuggets (Security!), Hintz in a hardhat surveying the happy workers at a Nugget Farm as sturdy Nugget plants wave in the golden sunlight (Industry!). Young people distributing Inner City Nuggets to eager little hoodlums (Compassion!), whose sad blighted lives are then made whole (Upward mobility!).

Hintz himself thoughtfully and appreciatively chewing on a nugget as he sits late at night at his desk perusing bold new plans for a Sustainable future in Wisconsin (Green! but not the spoiler kind!)

And a final shot of some monstrosity vehicle built by Oshkosh Truck delivering and dumping huge quantities of Nuggets into the damn oil hole thing down in the Gulf (American Ingenuity!) , finally finally plugging the damn thing as oil covered and slick people on the shore hug each other and jump up and down while tears of joy stream down their faces. (Sexy! but earnestly so!)
(we have no idea what we mean by that, but we trust our crack team of political analysts implicitly)

Some old Chinese dude once said your greatest strength is actually hidden within your perceived weakness, and we believe him. So we are forced to disagree with the staffer-person-whozit (we dunno, we dunna care) who felt the Nuggets might be a Problem in Oshkosh. Oh contraire!! We say - embrace the Nuggets.
N.U.G.G.E.T. [something-or-other] United to Get Gordon Elected Thrice
I just can't think of a damn campaign-y sounding "N" word that fits right now.

so, we'll be waiting for those ads, and BTW We have borrowed The Chief's use of "The Royal We" cuz we like it,
and yee ha! we approve this message.