Friday, May 14, 2010

Ads of the Damned: Spots from the Hinterlands

Joe Sestak, "The Switch"

This is the early favorite for best ad of the campaign cycle:

Absolutely brutal. This is basically a digital uppercut that lands square in the jaw. Very effective use of repetition that appears to led credence to suspicions.

Final Grade: A

Young Boozer, "Fiscal Conservative"

Self-deprecating, but not silly, this spot does a good job of capitalizing on a memorable name.

Final Grade: B+

True Republican PAC

The weather vane imagery is great, perhaps not as degrading as John Kerry windsurfing, but still a very effective metaphor -- but all this talk about evolution and the Bible ... is that really a good idea?

Final Grade: Incomplete

Trey Grayson, "Cheering for the Big Blue"

This one a few months old, and apparently didn't help Grayson all that much, but -- and this is to our infinite shame -- we kinda dig this ad, but purely on prurient level.

Final Grade: Incomplete

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