Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Classic Ads of the Damned: Robert Lorge, "Cowboys"

A few days ago we noted the instant classic Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner campaign ad. The spot is being justly praised as an homage to testosterone, but it also reminded us of how this very kind of campaign ad can go terribly, terribly wrong.

So without further ado, I give you a TV spot that supposedly aired in Wisconsin in 2006 (I sure as hell didn't see it on TV). This, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing short of amazing:

You're welcome.

There just waaaaayy too much to talk about with this ad. From the flamingly gay bartender, who actually delivers the line "He's busy doing nothing at all!" (then he's really not all that busy, is he?), to the horrifyingly awful John Wayne impersonation, to the insinuation that there's a United States Senator taking a dump behind a featured door, to the candidate himself seated high atop a horse at the very end.

Now, when most campaign ads are bad, they're merely awful. But this, my friends, is campaign advertising so poor that it accomplishes something I didn't think was possible: it's a political ad that actually achieves camp status.

Just try and watch it only once, I dare you. It's impossible. John Waters himself couldn't do better. Bravo to whomever had the audacity to put this ad together: your filmic bravery truly knows no bounds!


Flushed With Passion said...

that was very enjoyable. <3 that bartender.
But(t) re: the toilet aspect-

Women's magazines are really abominations, and perhaps you know they often give "relationship advice". Just horrible stuff. Anyway, years ago some Self-Help Tard had some big theories about how you would be able to avoid the heartbreak of break-up or unrequited love etc if you just follow his few simple steps. And the most significant part of the plan was that every time you had a "OMG I cant live without him" thought, or felt any Love Pain you were supposed to be vigilant and immediately REPLACE that thought with a visualization of Your Beloved taking a dump.
It's supposed to kill any positive feelings you may have for the person (Ya THINK!???)

so yeah, maybe they read that Mag.

Jb said...

That makes a certain degree of sense, but I'm actually more interested in the connotation that the bar "John Wayne" enters is a gay bar and "Nobody's Senator at All" is somehow up to something sketchy in the washroom.

Now that's an insinuation worth exploring!

Ron said...

"Name your poison, cowboy!"