Tuesday, May 4, 2010

City Manager Evaluations

Yesterday the city council evaluations of City Manager Mark Rohloff were published by the NW. We've got the PDF below if you're interested -- page 4 is where all the action's at.

Rohloff was graded primarily on averages of each individual city councilor's assessment, as the NW dutifully pointed out. But we decided to break apart the averages and see what kind of score's each specific council member gave Rohloff.

Here's how we went about it: In each category Rohloff was eligible for a high score of 7 and a low score of 1 -- no zeros were to be awarded. Since there were five groups with five different evaluations, a perfect score would be 175. Let's stress here's that there's almost no chance that anyone would ever get anything that approached a perfect score from any of the council members. It would look politically odd. This isn't going to be like a test anyone took in school, where 90% and above equals an A, etc. It's far more complicated than that.

On the other hand, the lowest score Rohloff could have scored was 35. We're just going to assume for the sake of convenience that because Rohloff couldn't score a zero on any of his evaluations, that this helps to compensate for the fact that he has no chance of hitting the bulls eye.

Here's what each individual councilor gave Rohloff:
Harold Bucholtz: 140/175 = 80%
Jess King: 136.5/175 = 77.4%
Burk Tower: 122/175 = 69.7%
Bob Poeschl = 114/175 = 65.1%
Paul Esslinger = 111/175 = 63.4%
Dennis McHugh = 101/175 = 57.7%
Tony Palmeri = 83/175 = 47.4%
Now for the obligatory disclaimer: The math here might be off by a little since the initial arithmetic was pretty much all eye-balled. Someone else should really double check the work here.
Oshkosh City Manager Evaluation 2010


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Rohloff will go over to ratemyprofessors.com and get revenge on TP for the low scores

TP's got a stellar 2.7 going now and plenty of complaints that he is unclear in expectations, communicates badly with his students and is condescending (Patek-y) in attitude.
Yet, those were the very same areas that he gave Rohloff the lowest of scores.
Curious situation, indeed.

Unknown said...
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