Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Cold Water on the First WI-Senate Poll to feature Ron Johnson ...

Naturally, the poll comes from Rasmussen [via M]:
A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Wisconsin shows Feingold with 46% support to Johnson’s 44%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) remain undecided.
Johnson is still largely unknown to voters, whereas Feingold is well known. It's obviously a good place to start for Johnson, but bare in mind, Johnson has (1.) been in the campaign for all of 10 days now, (2.) Enjoyed a very positive 10 days at that, (3.) Hasn't had much of any negative press (this doesn't count) and (4.) Has only expressed his views generally on a few issues.

Only 6% of respondents appear to be undecided. There is no possible way only 6% of likely voters don't know about Ron Johnson after only a week and a half on the campaign trial and no TV ads running.

Essentially, this poll really isn't about Johnson's strength against Feingold, so much as it's about a head-to-head match up between Russ Feingold and not-Russ Feingold. Not great news for Feingold, of course; but nothing to crow about for Johnson either.

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I Know Why The Mockingbird Sings said...

Your "Russ v. not Russ" seems to nail it

2 thoughts -

1.) As you say, RJ can't stay a blank projection screen forever. He'll start alienating people here at some point. His nature is more overt and expressive than Russ' Ron can't fight his base nature, no matter how many advisers he has. Russ will just seem more mature and more Zen (he is). That will be bad for Ron

2.) Remember not that long ago there world was full of Russ Lust? How excited people were at the idea of Russ running for President?
IMO the Obama thing had a Manic-Frenzy type of momentum and enthusiasm behind it. But -if I may be so cornball- the "Russ feeling" was a semi-nostalgic, like the last shreds of innocence and belief that what we were taught as children about our nation might not be dead yet, that Russ was a quiet hero like Atticus Finch (who incidentally is America's Top Heroic Figure according to a poll a year or so ago - mine too!)
Anyway I can't believe that feeling has just vanished because we're so fine with Obama now, Hell no. And those Russ people are still out there and still loyal.

And BTW, for all the Popular type movies I have NOT seen the 2 greatest moments on film were with Atticus, (don't argue!)
-When the camera pans back and he's sitting there next to Tom's cell in the lamplight reading alone, and then
-(still the greatest moment on film) With the balcony of the courtroom still packed with silent people watching the solitary Atticus (who is miserable and oblivious, packing his crap immersed in thoughts of how he has failed Tom), and then the old guy says "Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passing".And all those people stand up full of feeling as Atticus drags his miserable ass out the door beneath (beneath!) them in failure...
holy crap *sniff, sniff*
Everybody wants a leader like that, if we have one that IS like that (to whatever degree), no one will wanna give that up.

as a footnote, I am fine with Obama as Prez, etc. But I don't think he's that kind of guy, he just too modern, too savvy, too self-aware, and sorry but IMO just not "deep" enough no matter how smart he is. To me it seemed people liked Obama as a symbol or messenger of Change, Youth, Charm, Vigor, Hope, America's First Black President, the quintessential Middle Class Dad, etc etc.
When people like Russ I think they just like Russ.