Saturday, May 15, 2010

Your Children's Names Suck

Look through the rest of the top 100 names of the decade, and you will find names that were essentially unknown a generation ago, such as Brooklyn and Nevaeh ("heaven" backward). You will find formerly exotic names that have become commonplace (Xavier, Aaliyah) and formerly male names that have become female (Addison, Riley). On the boys' list, you'll find six different names rhyming with Aidan. But what you won't find are the English classics Edward, Margaret, George and Anne. In 2009, even Mary -- the most popular name in the history of the English language -- fell out of America's top 100 for the first time.
MORE: I forgot to mention: a ton of parents apparently have buyer's remorse when it comes to trendy kids' names:

One in five parents reports having second thoughts on the name they so carefully chose for their baby, a study in Britain found.

Many of the 3,000 parents surveyed said they wish they'd picked a less popular name, while one in 10 say they chose a quirky moniker only to have the novelty quickly wear off.

That could be because 15 percent of parents say their baby's name has sparked amusement from friends and relatives - and one in five have felt scorn from a stranger. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

well dude,you can just un-Accuse. MY kid's names don't suck. in fact one of them is named such a mundane-plain and old fashioned name no one can actually process it - they think it's short for a trendier (shittier) name, but no.

but the names my 300 nieces and nephews are giving their kids makes me wanna use ear bleach every time I hear them. Just really really annoying stupid names. And too many even say the names with this pseudo-poetic romantic glaze-haze in their eyes too. blaargh. I haven't heard such a batch of crappy names as the parents of the last several years have been giving their kids. Puts the Tiffany-Brittany-Ashley/Jason-Jeremy-Brandon Wave to shame.

I wish I could list them all here cuz you'd be amazed @ their freakiness (maybe these relatives have some underground name contest going) but I can't cuz enough people hate me as it is, I need to make some small attempt to stem the tide. lol maybe I can try to put one of those BP Oil cap thingies on it.

Jb said...

No need to list examples -- I'd say I've heard them all, but truth be told, they just get worse.

If you want to make your kid an individual, then give him/her a nickname.

Anonymous said...