Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obviously, the Funniest Article You'll Read this Week

And it's 100% serious.

[via ITT]


Anonymous said...

christwire is a joke

CJ said...


Did you see the ledes for some of the other articles?
What freak show.

Anonymous said...

yeah you'd have to have a freaky sense of humor to devote a lot of time to maintaining that site,so in that sense it IS a freak show, but i mean - it's a joke, satire, parody whatever.
The saddest commentary on religion today is that you have to really dig around to be sure it's actually NOT real. But no, it's not real.
Best case scenario - this also means Glenn Beck et al are not real, but when are Scenarios ever actually "best case"?

Unknown said...

You bet I did, CJ ... they are amazing!

Josh Herman said...

"The connection to workplace safety is evident, particularly with men operating heavy machinery or dangerous equipment. These are the very sorts of people who need to be completely focused and when their distractions and fatigues take over, the productivity of our workplaces suffers"

I think it's just the opposite. After masturbation one feels less distracted and focused and invigorated.

Am I right?!

Unknown said...

Apparently, after masturbation one ends up becoming Russell Brand, who is a notorious womanizer ... which leads me to believe that masturbation actually makes you more attractive to opposite sex.

The graphics in this article are the shit.

CJ said...

The Onion for lunatic fringe, racist right wing, fundamentalist christians.

Gut reaction- they don't "get" that it's satire.