Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ads of the Damned: Mark Neumann, "Kicked Off"

Neumann's ad is pretty conventional and offers a sharp contrast to Scott Walker's strategy. Unlike Walker, Neumann apparently feels like he needs to project himself as a potential executive, hence the stately office setting complete with American and Wisconsin flags in the background. Neumann also uses the word "conservative" in his script, a phrase that's been conspicuously absent from Walker's ads. It's pretty obvious that Neumann's ad is meant for GOP primary voters, while Walker's ads are looking to the general election.

That being said, why is there so much time devoted to being a rebel within the party? I suppose the answer would be that Neumann is trying to tack to the right and cater his message to the elements of the party base that are upset with current GOP leadership. If that's the case, does the ad do this well?

Sort of. It's remarkably dull. A dude sitting behind a desk as newspaper cuttings whiz by the frame don't exactly make for captivating TV. This spot wants to promote Neumann's resume via PowerPoint: the keywords of the script being emphasized in text on the screen.

There's really not much more to say. It's not bad, but not terribly original either. The Neumann logo bumper at the end is a very nice touch.

That's all I got.

Final Grade: C-

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