Monday, May 24, 2010

Sykes Calls Ron Johnson the "Instant Front-Runner"

Here's a pretty standard interview with Ron Johnson this morning.

Here's a rather interesting rhetorical tack from Johnson: "One thing I would never describe myself as 'self-made.'" He then goes on to praise many of the people he's worked with over the years, which dovetails nicely into an assessment that he will need the help of the grassroots to win the election. That's a nice thing to say to the base, but also true in so far as Johnson caught a number of breaks over the course of the rise of his career.

Once again, Johnson declares that his campaign is about "freedom."

Again, Johnson's rhetoric is heavy on philosophical platitudes and light on policy stances. He says what's happening in Greece is bad and that the US is endanger of suffering a similar fate. He also reiterates that he will run on repealing health care reform. That's it. I realize this is largely a "congrats!" interview following a big weekend, but in the future Johnson's going to have to offer more.

One last point: after Johnson gets off the air, Sykes lavishes him with some more praise, calling his rise meteoric and his story the "most interesting in Wisconsin," potentially one of the most interesting nationally. Fair enough, but in the excitement of watching "the next big thing" materialize from the ether no one in the GOP seems to be looking at the Johnson's candidacy with the critical eye they examine his competitors.

Johnson may have just finished the easiest week any Senate candidate in the country has had in living memory, yet he's completely new to politics ... that should really give Republicans a moment of pause that they apparently have not stopped for yet. Obviously, Johnson has demonstrated an adroit sense of timing, but he's going to need more than that to win in November.

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Go Ron! (win! you dumbass) said...

I hope Johnson does really well. I think he's a great opponent for Russ. He's not that smart and he doesn't seem really middle of the road. But as to the smartness, Johnson doesn't seem like he knows shit. Russ will be a SHARP contrast once the primary is over.
Even if there are people who are tired of the "liberals" right now in THEORY, Russ has a LONG history of stable behavior. He has never really screwed the pooch or done any scandalous thing, he's just a "damn liberal". But a damn liberal who knows how to steer the ship so...
yeah he looks like he knows what he's doing.
The experience thing will be impressive, and especially with Obey gone (and for God's sake a 12 year old Girl Scout trying to take his place, she looks like she's standing up for First Communion or something. Job One - change the hair!) Anyway, deep down people will still want a guy they can lean on as opposed to one that is sworn to stir things up, these are nasty times, too much newness is scary. And all that "business man" crap, people don't trust business men a lot right now (even "conservative" people. Amazing but I say still true, down in people's lil hearts they know a crook is a crook. Enron, Wall Street, BP, this list is muthafreakin long. Not too many want those guys hands in the cookie jar any deeper than they already are.

also there's the minor detail that Ron is a dumbass whereas Russ is brilliant.