Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awesome Fictional Moms

We're gonna follow Righty Blog's lead on this one: here's our list of TV's best moms.

Happy Mother's Day!

Carmela Soprano
Has there ever been a such a complicated and fully realized female character on television? We doubt it.

Lucille Bluth
Parents aren't perfect. In fact, they're responsible for a lot of their own kids' damage. Lucille Bluth is the mother we all thought we had in our darkest hours of teen angst.

Clair Olivia Hanks Huxtable
Strong and sassy, she didn't take shit from anyone. Not her kids, and certainly not her husband. We always thought the epitome of Clair was the episode "Isn't it Romantic?" Just watch. (Seriously, watch the whole episode.) Yes, this episode is largely about how smooth Cliff Huxtable is, but Clair turns on a dime once the box is opened, which is one of the reasons she's so loveable.

Lorelie Gilmore
May have single-handedly made parenthood cool.

Joyce Summers
"The Body" is considered by many to be the most penetrating examination of mourning ever aired on TV. It's an episode that perfectly captures just how important she is in the life of her daughter.

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