Saturday, May 8, 2010

More of This, Please

Add Word Warrior to your RSS feed/bookmarks/whatever. Very impressive stuff. On the blog's about page the author(s) state rather succinctly that they want to "cross visions" -- in this case modern feminist thought with traditional Catholicism -- and they do an exceptional job of doing just that. It's quirky, smart, experimental and nuanced. Frankly, it's the best student blog in Wisconsin.

The kids, as they say, remain alright.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

JB: The Word Warrior's Bento here. Thanks so much! That's really all I can say for now. I've been peeking in on The Chief since you linked to us a few weeks back, and have found myself grateful for what you do for political discussion in Wisconsin; so coming from you, this means a lot.
It's especially heartening to hear other people think my engagement of Catholicism is worthwhile. I'm an atheist, but one grateful for my Catholic education. I try to be tough but fair, and cognizant of the complexity of institutions and feelings pent up with the issues I address. Its good to know I succeed at least sometimes.
You also keep up the good work!

Jb said...

Back at you, sister!

Unknown said...

JB: I'm a brother, but I'll take the comment anyway. ;)

Jb said...

Whoops! Obviously, it was meant with the best of intentions. Sorry about that!