Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ads of the Damned: 60 Plus Association, "Deals"

This ad, produced by something called the 60 Plus Association, which one can only assume is the conservative "answer" to the AARP, is pretty awful. It's a cookie cutter ad meant to be reformatted to adapt to multiple congressmen in different regions around the country. As a result it's not very personal. The audience has to wade through 25 seconds of old people talking direct to camera before it gets to the target of the ad.

And there's nothing more exciting than listening to old people complain about stuff...

Obviously, the ad is intended for an audience of seniors, but I don't know how effective a series of seven different elderly, white men and women reciting GOP talking points in cranky voices are to any demographic.

The sad fact of the matter is that this commercial was made with absolutely no intention of changing the debate on any issue. It was made as a fund raising tool. The 60 Plus whatever can now say that they are running this ad in targeted districts and won't you please donate to our budding organization so that we can run this fine piece of shit in other races?

Personally, I've never seen this thing running on TV. I can only assume the 60 Plus Association bought just enough air time for the thing to run two or three times and then called it quits. This is basically a mail order scam that preys on the elderly.

Alas, it's all perfectly legal.

Final Grade: F

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paulb said...

Here is a link to the sourcewatch article on this group. Nothing more than a front for big pharm.