Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ads of the Damned: Americans for Prosperity, "Tracy Walsh"

Let's just agree to call this ad complete and utter bullshit and move on, shall we?

No? Well, okay.

First, it's way too long. Secondly, there's really no reason for someone with a deep southern accent to be talking to a bunch of voters in Northeastern Wisconsin. And, lastly, here's the biggest problem I have with all of these generic issue/attack ads: they fundamentally ignore the fact that Kagen is a doctor.

This should come as no surprise because they're made to attack multiple congressmen and most congressmen are not medical professionals. But Kagen is, and most voters know that about him. It's one thing to attack a lawyer in Southern California with an ad like this, but it's another thing to go after a doctor with this line of attack. The white lab coat serves as a kind of shield through which these generic issue ads don't even both to attempt to penetrate.

Final Grade: F

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