Friday, May 21, 2010

I've Never Heard this Woman Sing...

...but the description of her accent brought a smile to my face.


* said...

yeah okay but overall that was a pretty dopey article. lol maybe the guy needs to listen to a little more international music before he writes on it?
maybe because we export so much music and people are so used to hearing english lyrics, when other nations do pop or rock it's pretty common to throw in English and a lot of singers don't speak english at all other than that.
Misheard lyrics fan vidoes are a response to that i guess
I like this Gazette one
and if you look up the real lyrics they actually don't make that much more "sense" (if you're gonna look at it like a pedantic English teacher) but no one seems to care really. But a lot of bands/singers insist on writing and performing songs in a language they don't actually speak.
I wonder if this journalist has his head stuck so far up his Aerosmith he doesn't even know who Bill Kaulitz is. I'd bet. Which is okay if you're writing for Rolling Stone but...the Lol is more on him than that pop girl.

** said...

and he says "Scandinavian" too, which a lot of people find lame/insulting/over-generalizing.