Friday, June 25, 2010

Is 2010 the Best Sports Year Ever (Redux)?

We asked this question back in April and since then the sports world has given us:
  • An exciting NHL playoffs capped by a great Stanley Cup finals
  • A seven game Celtics/Lakers NBA final
  • 2 perfect games and 1 instantly infamous near miss
  • The longest tennis match ever played
  • The most memorable World Cup for American soccer
Seriously, I know it's only June but this has been just a crazy year for awesome sports spectacles. I can't think of another period of time that had so many memorable


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Justin Mitchell said...

It was a pretty solid NCAA men's tourney as well, with the final representing the second closest game of the entire season (a total point range of 8, with only one game all season with a smaller range of 7), in a match between small and big, coming down to the last seconds with a chance for victory just missed.

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(lol I mean me, not JMitchell)