Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Great Tea Party Debates

I think I detect a little tongue-in-cheek trash talking from Xoff in this post regarding the proposed Tea Party Debates:
For Barrett, it just might be a chance to steal the limelight and again draw the contrast between himself and two guys who, at that stage, will be crawling farther and farther out on the right-wing limb to try to get Tea Party support in their primary. Barrett just might emerge -- in a televised debate -- as the only reasonable voice in the room, with some actual ideas rather than just rhetoric.

That doesn't mean he'd get the TP endorsement, but he might score some points with Wisconsin voters, which in the end is what really matters.

In the event that I'm wrong, let me just take a moment to argue the contrary:

There's no way Tom Barrett should be debating anyone but the GOP nominee. Not the presumed-nominee, not the runner-up and certainly not both at the same time in a hostile environment surrounded by feral tea baggers. There's nothing to be gained from it. The "debate" would quickly devolve into a "Who Can Shit on Tom Barrett the Most?" contest.

Xoff is right that at that stage of the race Neumann and Walker will be trying to leap frog each other to the extreme right, but they'll look just as absurd doing so without Barrett on stage next to them.


CJ said...

"WOSH radio personality registers to run against Hintz in November..."

Jb said...


It's a busy day today and, as one can image, I have more than a few things to say on the matter.

Stewart Gilligan Hilton, esq. said...

Hope you missed me Chiefy. My life is just a whirlwind, you know, just the usual - entertaining Heads of State, diplomats and their wives....

but (without having read XOffs' thing and WTF is he over at Uppity for anyway, blaaargh X 10)
IMO - NO ONE legitimate Democratic party candidate should ever ever ever ever never NEVER!!!! give the "Tea Party" the least glance or validate it in the least way.

IT IS NOT A PARTY. and I don';t care how many other Orgs and societies and interest groups Tom Barrett (or anyone) talks to in whatever venue.
I think it is imperative that the Tea party not be legitimized in the smallest of ways. Not long ago the Greens were edged out of debates and whatnot. an effort was made. Well amp that up ten thousand times for these guys. At worst Greens are annoying and inconvenient/ridiculous. They're "dangerous" only as far as systemic functioning goes.

Teabaggers - hell, you might as well go debate the KKK then. If the Republican party totally embraces Tea Party then that is on them, and they share in the consequences. If they lay down with dogs they can get up with fleas.
Don't do it.

CJ - i had tried to look up if Hintz was opposed but didn't see anything - I also appreciate the info and don't even think of the ONW anymore (oops) Iwill check that link out when I get a free minute from my Glitterati life here. Hope yer doing good, and hey to Sieglinda (lol if she cares)

SGH II said...

Lol a few grammar etc. issues but whatevs

CJ said...

Just think of the trail of fooder he's created with his blog. Better pull your screen shots before they all disappear.

Wonder how he'll handle being DJ and candidate. Conflicts of interest abound.

Should be interesting, eh?
Stewie, Glad to hear the SS Minnow is seaworthy again.
Say hello to Lovey for me. *waves*

Stewie's Middle Name is Gilligan, right? said...

lol - the Howells, I always hated them when I was a kid. They were probably BP execs, on holiday trying to get away from SMALL PEOPLE.

omg we absolutely have to have a heckle-fest over this whatever his name is Announcer guy (forgot already) Reminds me of that old saying -

"He's got a face made for radio"

and actually it's not the glamorous life for moi. To be honest I have been unusually filthy this week. and just busy with establishing the "wolf pack"(a Cesar Millan reference) - got 2 adult "rescue" dogs from another part of the state. You'll have to be patient if I start randomly ranting about puppy mills (and other assholes). Very uncool. very very.