Monday, June 7, 2010

Ads of the Damned: Republicans for Environmental Protection, "Boot Bipartisan"

Back in April the GOP produced a slick web ad to promote a new web site. The spot was hyper-melodramatic an came with over the top imagery, but it was very well produced and used a lot of fast edits to create the sensation of a dizzying whirlwind of motion. The spot below seems to have picked up on that ad's stylishness to great effect:

NOTE: This particular version of the ad is aimed at Sen. Sherrod Brown, but REP has also produced versions targeting Sens. Feingold and Kohl.

This Summer Words Will Fly At You Very Fast!

This is another slick production in the same mold as 'Remember November.' The typography moves quickly and the graphics pop, but the the image that really ties the piece together is the boot at the very end. It's a steel-toed construction shit-kicker (recall that the first words of the script are "China is kicking our butts...") that implies more jobs and stomping out nonsense.

It's also a clever way to suggest to voters that they should give law-makers who don't follow REP's agenda the proverbial "boot."

Final Grade: B+

1 comment:

Russell Crowe said...

I actually found it very annoying. Hard to look at. The kind of ad that makes you wanna throw stuff at your TV.

btw I had some Problems being able to comment earlier (lol not that you could tell) but anyway I did think the Spa ad was really good.
Lame pic of Tom Cruise FTW.
and while the Remember November ad WAS slick, i felt it lacked a feeling of emotional connection. Maybe that will not be the case for people of that mindset, but I felt it kinda lacked a soul?

But this Boot shit is just too schmaltzey IMO. Did NOT like those graphics at all. and I wonder if these people understand about seizure-inducing effects in video.
XD the Pokemon thing.
Lulz if the Tea party gets sued cuz we're all drooling and floppin' on our floors like fish after viewing their ads.

BTW loved the South Park trailer tho'
+ South Park is at the center of a couple of emo-storms on another site I haunt. Hmm I should blog about that some day. ;P