Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PPP Poll Press Release + Crosstabs!

As noted earlier, PPP relaesed the crosstabs of the Johnson/Feingold poll [via Jake].

Sexy stuff!

PPP Release WI


Anonymous said...

omg who ARE you

Nobody even knows what a Crosstab is.
And we're all refusing to look it up too. Anybody who comments after this saying what one is, and that they already knew without Googling, is a Liar.

The End

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Actually, anyone who has taken an introductory college stats or survey course know what crosstabs are. And crosstabs are where you find the real stories in a poll, not the superficial horse-race crap that appears from lazy newspaper reporters who don't take more than a minute to look into what's really going on (because that would take real reporting, you know).

And thanks for the hat tip, Chief. You raised my readership to 3!