Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tim Pawlenty Wants You to Ante Up for Ron Johnson

There's a lot of news to cover today and to be honest a lot of it's going to have to wait until later, but for now I bring you today's fundraising ask from the Ron Johnson campaign, brought to by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty:
Tim Pawlenty Fundraising Email for the Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate Campaign

A couple of interesting things to note here:
  • No letterhead. Unlike previous emails Team Johnson removed the green campaign graphic from the top of the page in deference to their guest emailer. Pawlenty is running for President in 2012 and this is a pretty good way of getting his brand out there. Nixing the campaign logos is a good way of reinforcing the fact that this is a Tim Pawlenty email, not a necessarily a Ron Johnson email.
  • Pawlenty does not use his title in his sign-off. Too incumbent-y, perhaps?
  • The Governor uses more cutting imagery than 15 year-old emo chick's bad poetry.
  • The MasterCard "Priceless" shtick probably would have worked better as a web video ... or at least it would worked better than this web video:


Otaku Stuu said...

Lol Hiragana and emo poetry, I feel like I should be asking you "omg, what's your DA?". If you're willing to self-pose semi-nude in your own gallery too you are going to get SO may pageviews.
XDD Can I start peppering my comments with expressions like Hurr and Herp Derp now too? omg suddenly I feel so free.
But you know, if I was gonna be a nitpicking weaboo I'd say Pawlenty was probably using Kanji since his name is a foreign word, rather than Katakana or Hiragana. (that pays you back for using that Polling term which I have already forgotten)

But really, that Sesame Street video was SO wrong.


p.s. Give a Llama, Get a Llama? or maybe not...

Screwed It Up Stewie said...

ohnoes. nothing like suddenly realizing you messed it up.
I wrote that all wrong
Kanji - Chinese origin characters
Katakana for foreign words. You had it anyway, and
now I'll be thrown out of Pathetic Wapanese Fangirl Club. *sob*