Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Ron Johnson Campaign's Snippy Press Release

The Ron Johnson for Senate campaign unleashed a pissy press release following a swipe from Team Feingold following a regrettable statement at a forum with fellow GOP candidate Dave Westlake. The two candidates decided to fall in line behind BP ... while on camera ... just days after Joe Barton made an ass of himself. It's basically an attack ad waiting to be made.

Anyway, the Feingold gang hit back with this press release which was answered by the press release below:
Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate Press Release
It's not on the web site.

By the way, if Team Johnson thinks this is an issue that's going to stay in the Wisconsin press, they're wrong.


CJ said...

Juston Joshnson know you can say one thing one day, then lie about it the next. That's great because the believers want to believe and need not look further.

But for the rest of us fffolks, we'll we think quotes is quotes and likely to stay around and have meaning and all. When you make it to WaPo, I'd say it's going to be around a while longer.

Anonymous said...

Manipulative and self-serving people are in no position to be snippy.
Please read these points on Ron Johnson. Perhaps you will be as disgusted with him as we are.

Thanks. Johnson must be stopped.

CJ said...

In an article on Politico, Juston Johnson said this was going tobe dirty, inferring Feingold being the dirty one.

Reality check time.