Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Dare Not Imagine the Number of Swirlies this Kid's Recieved

The American Thinker really must not think very much of its readers by trying to pawn this article off as being "written" by an 11 year-old.

Misandrist? Yeah that's in every 5th grader's vocabulary...


Spewie said...

omg we want to vomit

That was not only not written by a kid (even a High school kid would have a different tone. Even a Valedictorian' speech that some candy-ass worked on for 2 months before graduation day, it just is not the same in "feel" as an adult)
Okay so while we (as a female) could not finish reading because there is only so much Female Hate we can stand without feeling really freaked out in a SERIOUS way) so anyway not only was that written by an adult, it was written - IRONY OF IRONIES - by a guy who has not spent much time with kids. If he has some of his own you know right off what his deep motivation is. He has not spent much time, he is feeling defensive about his own failures to bond as a father.
He's angry/jealous re: females so he has to devalue them.

Guaranteed. No guy who has spent time with kids (or even has any strong memories of being a kid himself) would pass this off as being written by a kid. These are not kid concerns, a kid who feel left out, confused, marginalized - it would not be given this framing. This is just not Kid Think.
Kid's emotions and perceptions are just as strong, just as valid as adults. Yet their brains/perceptions/values are NOT those of adults.
if you have any respect for kids you will see them/value them as they are. This man does not.

If he has kids (AND A WIFE!) I feel sorry for them. The wife not so much, she is probably a jackass too, but the kids. blaargh.

I hope this guy does go into his own bathroom and "pull his penis off" or whatever the phrase was> Holy crap, that's quite a "loaded" (bwahaha) image too isn't it?

The Man Needs Help!!! (or failing that, give help to the people who have to be around him)

I gotta go ralph now. O_o

CJ said...

Isn't "American Thinker" a spoof page like the "Onion"?

Jb said...

One would assume so, but, alas, it's deathly serious. It's also one of the finest repositories on unintentional comedy online today.