Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ads of the Damned: More Hits from the Hinterlands

We have another contender for ad of the year:

Now that's bloody brilliant. It's actually funny and the joke is also hard-hitting.

Whoever is making Lowden's ads is bringing their A-game: here are a few more (as well as a few of her competitor's, which don't even approach the level of quality).

Even though this ad's pretty much shit, we're passing it along for two reasons. 1.) It's for a race in Alabama, which is ground zero for eye-catching political advertisements this years, and 2.) What the fuck? Did that dude basically ask people to vote for him because a black person can't be called a racist for calling another black person a racist slur? The racial politics of this ad are pretty gross.

Fake crowd noise? Please ...

And here's Mickey Kaus doing his best Paul Wellstone impersonation:

And here's the most racist ad you'll this election cycle:

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