Friday, June 4, 2010

Rush Blows

Well said:

Who doesn't like the rock band Rush?

Well, judging from the attendees of their concerts -- women.


Rather listen to endless BSB in Hell said...

omg now you got that shitty song in my head.

but yay! Dave Grohl was rockin' the White house last night, still the messy facial hair but at least he's keeping the hair long. Emmylou Harris was there too, looking fab as always.
UNFORTUNATELY fuckin' Paul will-i-never-stfu McCarthy was boring the bejezus outta everyone with....zzzzz..... Hey Jude.Proving for the umpty-millionth time it IS possible to sing a song TOO MUCH and the damn thing sould just be retired.

and can Obama appreciatively do a gentile headbang along with the music without looking like a fool?

Naaaa na na nana na na, no waaaay.

* said...

lol I mean "McCartney"

or whatever

who cares, the guy should be stored in the back of the warehouse or possible on the bottom of some Appalachian mineshaft

** said...

btw Dave Grohl IS God.

The big Dylan-Foo concert a couple years ago?
oh yeah Stewie was theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!