Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome Back, Posse Comitatus!

Conservatism these day is looking less like a serious political philosophy and more like a reunion of insane fringe groups.


Hope U Had A Nice Weekend said...

yes that is also what I think of when I hear about the Tea Party (the Posse) And it also popped into my head when that racist guy you've been tracking (was his name Mike? dunno) anyway - when he said something about his group buying numerous acres of land up in the north east corner (pretty sure that's how it went) but the Posse was up there too a while back. Maybe still are.

IMO that philosophy catches fire a little too easily in the Northwoods. (like the whole top half of the state really) You have only to look at the Dean Crist "Save a Fish - Spear an Indian" campaign, or to see there are still remnants of the once strong KKK lurking in a certain Northwest WI county. Interestingly the KKK there was targeting not persons of color (there weren't any) but instead were after ...Catholics
Yup. When the KKK is hungry they'll go after whoever is not EXACTLY like them.

So when political types dismiss and ignore the "Boonies" of WI as being irrelevant, I always think that's a mistake and problem. Bad things sometimes grow in the dark. I personally don't think McCarthyism was some big freak thing socially here. Thank God Wisconsin people are by and large (and I mean dey iz LARGE!) so goddam lazy and so goddam wrapped up in Cheetos and Football, or we'd have had more of his type cropping up by now.

CJ said...

So whatcha sayin'? There's a whole lotta lemons in the Tea?

OSNW3 said...

I ain't large and I don't eat cheetos, however, I love the Packers and I am from the northside of HWY 29. Am I half a lemon?

An ImpoSteR and Not REally StEwie said...

I'm confused. 'n I gotta look up where Hwy 29 goes.
Okay 29 goes across the whole state, and if you're in the Oshkosh area that's really not gonna count. That area is actually included in the Southern Wisconsin Snobs guide to Places that Matter.
1.) 29 takes a jog south
2.) it's all built up over there and one place runs into another Like Appleton and all that noise.
3.) There's quick roads to Milwaukee and Madison and stuff,so you have the cultural influx of innovations like Chocolate Covered Bacon (a tasty side dish for your Cheeto Casserole)

So THAT kind of "north of 29" is merely a technicality and is for example not like Barron. Barron is a scary place.THat's about all I'm gonna say about that.

But truly - WI is like the fattest state or something. That was in the news once. Some study.

and I have no idea about these lemons. But I do know about some Earth Firsters and a guy from here who went up in the woods, messed up some govt SUVs and offed a bunch of experimental government trees because they thought they were genetically enhanced and a threat to humanity. They actually attacked the trees with Intent to Kill. It was at some secret black ops Tree Enhancement Facility run by OUR GOVERNMENT in cahoots with Smoking Man and his ALIEN BEES (how can you not know about Smoking Man and the bees for god's sake!),
and the thing was probably right next to a POsse camp. The SAME posse camp where they Photoshop Ron Johnson pix.

But anyway I heard they were all hopped up on Cheetos when they did the Tree Sabotage thing.
The Earth First people got some prison time but the other guy got a probation, he runs an Organic food place so they figured, you know... no Cheetos and he probably wasn't as guilty. Plus, he used the old "I just drove the get-away car" defense. Seriously if you're DRIVING a get-away car, your ass is guilty. You do NOT drive a get-away car from the Library or your kids' school. well maybe some days.

btw i was high on Cheeto-dust when I wrote this, even so, I detected scoffery lurking amidst your reaction to my diatribe.

Nonbelievers. >_<