Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A new Rasumussen Poll

Take it or leave it:

The poll by Rasmussen Reports showed Feingold with 46% and Johnson with 45%.


Johnson is running in the Republican primary against Watertown businessman Dave Westlake. Feingold, of Middleton, drew 47% to Westlake's 41%, according to the poll.


CJ said...

It's still pretty early to check the pulse of state voters.

One has an already predetermined number of lovers and haters.

The other one has only begun to talk about things and state his views. So far, they've been pretty ripe for logical analysis. That's why som much of what's out is in the way of newsletters, emails and web site. Effective? Yes. Also keeps the candidate from speaking, both off the cuff and even in prepared speaking. Makes you wonder when your handles don't want you to talk. (media, press)

I hope some of the local networks can get a face to face interviews or even a debate. Oooo, wouldn't that be juicy.

5:13 said...

This would be the same Rasmussen going on a cruise with Karl Rove and Co. next fall?

s2 said...

I sure wish you people would talk more.
Y'all know/think interesting stuff.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's more than 6 weeks out from the election, so Rasmussen's still in the "agenda setting" Part of his operation instead of the "serious data collecting" part.

As a result, add 10 points to Feingold for the Razzy-to-reality adjustment, and it has him +12. Sounds about right.