Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ron Johnson's Microsite Fail

The RJC is touting a new microsite this morning: www.feingoldcard.com:

I guess this qualifies as the first overt negative act of the campaign and one designed primarily as a fund-raising and information collection tool. The lede of the first blog post reads:
It’s time to stop government spending! Senator Russ Feingold has used his “Fein Gold Card” that is funded by your taxpayer dollars to raise the national debt to over 13 trillion dollars, and it continues to skyrocket daily.
Which is boilerplate GOP rhetoric that really doesn't apply to Feingold, given his extensive history as a deficit hawk.

The campaign is trying to raise $20,000 in less than 48 hours ... on top of the three high dollar fundraisers being held this week.

The mixed message here is that the campaign is getting hit on both sides by allegations that it doesn't/won't have the funds to run the campaign it promised. Last week Terrence Wall expressed doubt that Johnson could self fund after filing for an extension for his personal financial disclosures and this week OWN crunched hypothetical numbers:
Ron Johnson Tax Numbers from One Wisconsin
I skeptical of these allegations, but it does seem clear that the campaign is devoting this week to raising money. I just don't think a poorly promoted microsite that appears out of nowhere with a mixed message is a very good way of doing it.

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Anonymous said...

A Golden Website that complains about the OTHER GUY wasting money while asking Average Joes to send cash to a guy everyone knows is millionaire?

Johnson seems to be planning on riding the Tard Train to the end of the line.