Friday, June 11, 2010

Ron Johnson on Global Warming

Emily Mills points an interesting contradiction to Ron Johnson's thoughts on Global Warming:

Somehow, Johnson manages to both disbelieve in manmade climate change and support global warming, all while completely misunderstanding the actual science behind it. It's a real, if confusing, accomplishment. I'll give him that.

Here's what Johnson said, when asked whether he agreed or disagreed that "man-caused global warming is a proven fact":

I totally disagree...I'm always surprised that people think this is the sweet spot in global history in terms of this is where we should be climate-wise. We live in Wisconsin – I'm glad there's global warming or we'd be standing on top of a 200 ft. thick glacier. So I think it's absolutely not proven, and for us to be contemplating fixing something that is not proven is absurd.

That's a valid point. I assume that Johnson was trying to state that he believed that global warming was a naturally occurring phenomenon, not a man-made one, but that assumes some knowledge of the standard denier counter-arguments.

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