Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Butler did It!

In the soon to be awesome parlor game revolving around Democratic Senatorial nominee from South Carolina, Alvin Greene, I'm going to posit my own crazy theory. Here it is:

Greene's "handler" is ... his father!

I kinda get the vibe that Mr. Greene (the Elder) is the one who put up the $10,400 entrance fee for the race and running the campaign.

Just spit-balling here after way too many beers on a Thursday night.


Ordinary Jill said...

I'm beginning to think that Alvin Greene was just as sincere in his run for office as all of those batshit-crazy perennial candidates that liven up so many municipal races in this country (like Will Sanders in Madison).

I strongly suspect that he won the primary because a large number of Republicans crossed over and gave him the Putney Swope vote.

If the Democratic Party were smart, they would embrace him. It's not like Vic Rawl had a snowball's chance in South Carolina of defeating Jim DeMint. Alvin Greene is the ultimate outsider. You couldn't draw a bigger contrast with DeMint.

Jb said...

I have to vehemently disagree with your idea of embracing this dude. Like you say, he has all the making of a "batshit-crazy perennial candidate" in the early stages of a lifetime of wasting voters time and energy.

Nobody wins in this scenario.

For the love of God, he's been charged with sneaking into a college computer lab and showing porn to a co-ed freshman!

I can't find the link, but a SC lawyer/state legislator went and spoke with Greene and said that if Greene was a client he would recommend a mental evaluation.

This isn't Rocky. It's just a tragedy.