Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ron Johnson Learns an Important Life Lesson: There's Just No Pleasing the Tea Party

There's a good deal of chortling on the left this morning over Ron Johnson's "vetting session" with the Rock River Patriots (video below), much of it justified.

There's a lot to be gleaned from the video, but the most obvious take-away is that the Johnson campaign doesn't have the first idea how to deal with the Tea Party crowd. I don't know who on the campaign agreed to attend a "vetting session" when a simple "interview" would done just as well ... and allowing the tea baggers to tape the session. Bad idea.

The meeting went so badly, as you can see for yourself, that Johnson has canceled several similar pow-wows with "patriot" groups this week:

Wednesday's cancellation disappointed the Wisconsin 9/12 Project and Dane County Republicans who were interested in seeing Johnson, said Kirsten Lombard, organizer of the Madison-based tea party group.

"While we are in communication with the Johnson campaign and they say they want to reschedule, they seem to be having a difficult time finding a date that works," she said.

If Kristen Lombard's name sounds familiar its because she was a signoree to a statement by a Tea Party consortium insisting that there is no tea party-endorsed candidate ... yet:
Wisconsin Tea Party Press Release

The moral of the story: There's no pleasing these people. The Tea Party is basically a gang of pissing off people who want to be lied and pandered to. Unless you're willing to just smile and nod at their batshit insanity, they're going to find something wrong with or find a reason to consider you "not conservative enough."

Why politicians are so eager to condescend to these folks is beyond me. They're an entirely unproven entity with a shocking sense of entitlement. They've never turned the tide of an election and have yet to demonstrate a willingness to provide the volunteer or material support a campaign needs ... but they are willing to get together and carry signs against "white slavery."


Anonymous said...

What is batshit insane is believing that we can afford all the government we have. And that we need more, when any cursory examination of the facts will reveal that when unfunded liabilities come due, our governments will cost more than 100% of the economy.

Another point of batshit insanity is supporting the undermining of the constitution, whether done by Democrats or Republicans, as that G_D piece of paper is all that stands between us and tyranny.

You clearly do not know what the tea party movement is about, and/or have little appreciation for liberty. What was a mistake for Johnson was not showing up, but being so unprepared. Either he gets up to speed, or he is toast, and the threat to our liberty and prosperity that is the chameleon Feingold will have a greater chance of being re-elected.

And whatever the strength of the coalition, it is likely that most Republicans will not win without Tea Party support.

Jb said...

What was a mistake for Johnson was not showing up, but being so unprepared.

Thanks for proving my point, 9:29. You folks just wants someone to regurgitate your nonsense.