Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fellow GOPer drops a Dime on Ron Johnson

Dan Bice followed up his story on Ron Johnson advocacy against the Child Victims Rights bill with a piece outlining those defending Johnson. But here's the most interesting part of the piece:
After interviewing Johnson last week, No Quarter received a unsolicited statement from Mark Jefferson, executive director of the state Republican Party, saying he believed the tip about Johnson originally came from a fellow Republican.
Well, that's an interesting and heretofore overlooked twist to the story...


Zach W. said...

It came from Terrence Wall...

Steweeee said...

XD Chief, i was looking thru your archive for something and ran across this old post re: man likes martinis and looking up womens' dresses.


lulz baby - turns out he's a U-Osh prof and wrote some damn book A Speck in God's Eye about his John-boy Walton-y youth


lol I wonder if he included a chapter on him sitting under a blanket with a flashlight and a National Geographic O.O
Those folks who try to paint idyllic pictures of Life On Earth are the ones you really gotta watch out for XDDDDD

Stewie Two-ie said...

FYI Chief, CJ, Sieglinda, Ron, Tom, Weatherguy, et al -

I've begun setting up the experimental Chief "fanclub" subsidiary chat mini-network thang.
I didn't feel i was getting the concept across during chat last night, but a lot of concerns are addressed with the way this thing is set-up. in shorthand it's like a private Facebook or ONW forum but emphasis NOT on sequential comments and user pages but more on chat functions. WITH SMILEYS. yay.

Crackpots (other than me) and conservatives are not allowing in, so that cuts all the time spent re-hashing the same tired re-hash and defending basic viewpoints. if the group has a shared perspective on core issues then actual communication can occur since we're not constantly defining terms or just defending our right to breathe. So for example a group could discuss their thoughts/observations re: the Tea party in WI (or whatever) without any Tea-tards being able to join in, no concerns about how this discussion reflects on "our corporate image" or newspaper sales or offending advertisers. No concern for how does this make me look to my boss, neighbor, blah blah blah. Members would invite other members. Assholes not allowed. That doesn't mean everyone has to agree that means the standard is you invite people you think fit the group/people you trust. and BTW members can use it whenever - no one has to be there to "open the doors" or watch over and admin it or anything like that. So if yer bored you can stop by and see if anyone is in the mood to rant or what

so more later and if Chief approves that "more formal" message maybe he can bring it forward and make a post out of it. if not, whatever.
But this is not in competition or wheezing off the Chief's gig but i think you'll see that later.
Well, have nice days Peeples..