Saturday, April 10, 2010

Teaching Sex Ed

Take it away, MJS:

The Legislative Council memo found that in a 1974 case the state Supreme Court found that a local official could not be prosecuted under a law that prohibited officials from having a public and private interest in a contract. That’s because the official in the case had relied on the advice and counsel of a government attorney and a local prosecutor before acting, the court held.

That suggests a teacher could not be prosecuted for teaching a sex education class if he or she “in good faith” relies upon a program that a school board created to follow a state law, the analysis reads.
And this is why DA Southworth, and others, are full of it.

This is an opinion Southworth should have looked into before sending his threatening letter, which was clearly done as a PR stunt to buttress his conservative bona fides in the community and not for any legitimate legal reasons.

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Broken-hearted Stewie said...

Now, as to those "others" who are "full of it" and the evidence to which you so gleefully link..

it's a bit open to interpretation darling, as to whether you intended to refer to Sir Owen the Obstreperous, or to Stewie, L'enfant Roi and Protectorate of The Adorable

or perhaps


to BOTH @_@
I suggest you send flowers and candy immediately to clarify your intentions