Monday, April 5, 2010

Today's Edition of Hysterical Health Care Reform Hyperventilating

Mike H over at Letters in Bottles fears for the nation while fellating Paul Ryan over his recent speech in Oklahoma, noting that the tea baggers are
Citizens who have seen their hard-earned money go to bailouts and takeovers of private institutions or to people who lived far beyond their means when times were good and never bothered to prepare for potential bad times.
One problem: Rep. Ryan voted for the bank bailout, the Big Three bailout and hefty taxes on AIG executive bonuses. So let's stop pretending that Ryan is a champion of private enterprise. If Ryan really wanted to make a genuinely principled stand against government intervention into the economy he would have told auto workers in Janesville and Kenosha to screw off and voted against the auto bailout -- but that vote was probably the only thing that could have endangered his seat in Congress.

Much of the conservative love affair with Ryan is based on one man's ability to say the right things to people with extremely short memories.

MORE: I keep on forgetting -- Rep. Ryan also voted for the Medicare Part D expansion in 2003, so he has no trouble increasing health care entitlements.

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Ordinary Jill said...

You misspelled "fellating" -- It took me a few seconds to catch your meaning.