Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wisconsin Epistimic Closure, Vol. 1

From the Jiblog:
I'm not sure who is in charge of the Leinenkugel campaign, but they had better do a hell of a lot better job of crafting a story for their candidate or he is going to avoid getting his butt kicked in the Republican primary. And it has to start by openly repudiating his old boss, Jim Doyle.
Yeah, Leinenkugel better start pandering to me and telling me what I want to hear right the fuck now!

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Dick L. (or not) said...

hmmm. well, we give out Free Beers at the Leinie Lodge. How's that?

Another thing that turd-talkin' guys like that don't realize is that for a few decades now, my family has been building some SERIOUS goodwill amongst "regular folks". The days of this sort of thing may be over with for now but there's plenty of folks who tell stories of the time they drove by Jake's house and who'da thunk it-they saw him in the yard, got to talkin' and he had them come on in for a cold one. Ya, right into the house doncha know.

And just HOW big a deal was father Bill's passin'? How about Peg - she still teaching that Sunday school class up in Tilden? putting those cute beer-related recipes in the newsletter? You think MAYBE those folks might vote for me? hmmmm?

the point here is Leinenkugel is way not the loser these bloggin' assholes want people to think he is. Sure he could lose the election, no one is a sure thing ever, but that family has basically been campaigning for SOMETHING 24/7 for a lotta years now. and when it comes to out of state money he may also be a better draw than other candidates too.
It's quite possible that guys like this blogger might not have a lot else to work with, wanna knock him down early if possible and maybe, just maybe, this "Doyle thing" is all they got on Dick as far as spin goes.

and wtf, that bit about him "knowing the family" and if he DIDN'T "know the family" he might be against Leinie - if this fucktard ISN'T against him, then who the hell is???! was all that crap he wrote supposed to be SUPPORT???
I dunno, maybe I missed something.

(like what the hell an Epistemic Closure is, geeez)