Thursday, April 8, 2010

"It does highlight some discrepancies in our laws."

No, it doesn't.


Amicus Brief Stewie said...

Owen is getting weird as he gets older - less rational.

The guy wants to make name for himself, get publicity.He's got no "case".

Teachers routinely prepare middle school and high school children for ADULT life. In too many ways to count. Thye repeatedly talk about VOTING which also cannot legally be done till adulthood. The teachers are NOT saying "go home and use these condoms NOW". Thye are merely teaching prudent health practices applicable to ADULT life.
Case closed.

....and in all the flap about this I haven't heard any of these legal beagles, journalists or analysts say that yet.

Proof # 852 million that people should listen to Stewie, but they don't. (and never will)
However for the good of humanity, I hope a big shot Madison lawyer reads yer blog comments so HE can say what I just said, and ppl will HEAR it, and think "Oh yeah..."
and then this Juneau county Pinhead will STFU

This "news" item is really boring Stewie to death.

Anonymous said...

"Owen is getting weird as he gets older - less rational."

I'd hate to have seen him before.

O_o whut? said...

Anon- does that make any damn sense? what you said? perhaps that was just your attempt at being Snidely Whiplash.

anyway the point was -
in years past, while on panels and such, Owen seemed to make an effort to appear to be the "reasonable conservative". Or the other explanation is that I just caught him in a string of good moods. But that is highly unlikely.

Specifically, when Karl Rove et al were in their hey-days, full of themselves and high on Life, Owen seemed to be making an effort to react with some kind of respect to differing views etc. more of the time than his counterparts did.
He didn't seem to adopt the dribbly-chinned nutcase style that was all the rage and seemingly working so well then.
Plus he has that newspaper job didn't he? prob'ly wanted to appear "professional" etc.

However, When I've checked in on his blog recently it seems like there's a change of tone. I notice it (possibly) because I haven't looked at his blog in actual YEARS. Really, years.
So kinda like when you haven't seen a person for a long time, you might be the one to notice how gray their hair has become, or how much weight they have put on. While closer or everyday-contact people do not notice it so much, because the change happened more slowly. But IMO his tone has changed with time. Okay ?