Friday, April 30, 2010

Wisconsin Epistemic Closure, Vol. 2

There was a time when the GOP would be ecstatic about a former Marine with significant business and government executive experience, and name recognition one couldn't buy in the state -- but apparently that time has passed.


Anonymous said...

That would be the Lance Burri wing of the WisGOP

2 Lazy 2 Sign In Stewie said...

This is actually maybe kind of awesome?
First of all it's just insane. I mean they either want to get rid of Feingold or they don't. I guess they don't (as that blogger also noted).
Because if they DID want to get rid of him, they'd calmly sit down and do some serious calculating about who would be able to just get the most damn voters and not get so goddam emotional and self-absorbed.
Back not too long ago the Chippewa Dems shat themselves and were wise when Kreitlow (who is not exactly a show pony by any kind of universal standards) but anyway when a truly viable anti-Zein candidate finally showed up, like I said, people shat themselves and then they cleaned up and got the job done of finally FINALLY handing bat-shit-crazy Dave Zein's ass to him on a platter. It was simple, a lot of folks will vote for that Anchorman thing, let's use that fact and be happy.

So the Republicans are so caught up in whether or not a candidate puts serious lead in their OWN pencil or not. Geez you blog-headed Luzers, that is SO not the point.

But anyway, they can keep doing stupid shit like this. and besides, while I don't agree with the idea that a party has to "eat its' own" for the greater good (usually just for the social good of some inner clique, not that it's actually that expedient IMO) but LOL when you DO eat your own - aren't ya supposed to be a little secret about that? whahaha
what assholes - letting the public at large see all this inner turmoil and division.
all this chaos is better for Democrats in general, and especially for Feingold (who never the less should NOT underestimate anyone. not not not, conditions are too ripe for a backlash culture -or whatever it's really called- Not that Feingold has screwed up in any way but the Public is a contrary beast by nature.

and goddammit! I REFUSE -and I mean-


to ever look up "Epistemic Closure" so help me JEEEEEzus!!!