Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow, what a shitty web site.

This is what passes for a major announcement at these tea party things?

I should really grab a screen cap to immortalize just how half-assed this thing is.


Zach W. said...

Yeah, it's straight outta the 1990's!

BlaarghSite Stewie said...

Yep. They're using FrontPage 6.0 (you can see that by doing a "View-Source") which is about 7 years old? I'm not an automatic upgrade freak, if you're familiar with your software and you can do good thing with it then by all means.. but geez, people were already saying Frontpage was super-shitty back around 99-2000 (or maybe even earlier?)
So yep, they 'tards.

in addition there seems to really be no content

Ordinary Jill said...

They should have found a retired secretary to check their punctuation and capitalization.

sToOiE said...

Oh Good Gawd, why'd ya hafta bring THAT up...O_o