Monday, April 12, 2010

Mike Haskins is Still A Douche

Mike Haskins -- everyone's favorite racist peckerhead -- is so amazingly uninformed that we'd actually feel embarrassed for him if he wasn't such a dickless swine.

Here's the latest lie he's pedaling at his Facebook group skinhead circle jerk:
Our prisons and county jails are filled with primarily "out-of-towners" and illegals. They now reap the benefits of our criminal justice system once they become a prisoner here. Most are not truly deported as the judges make it seem. Anchor-babies they call them. Most knock up a white woman, impregnate them, and disappear for 17 years, only to come back and claim citizenship because they have a son or daughter here.
Let's look at two of the more asinine claims he makes:

LIE: "Our prisons and county jails are filled with primarily "out-of-towners" and illegals."

TRUTH: Haskins is just lying or too stupid to look up the facts for himself. We actually assume it's a combination of the two, so we'll help this fucktard out and actually provide him with the numbers.

In 2008, there were over 2.4 million prisoners in American jails (federal, state, county -- the whole lot of them). It's estimated that between 14-17% of prisoners at the federal level are illegal immigrants. In state prisons, the number vary widely. Obviously there will be more more illegal aliens in Texas and California prisons then there will be in Wisconsin or North Dakota. Regardless, this is not a majority as Haskins claims.

LIE: "Anchor-babies they call them. Most knock up a white woman, impregnate them, and disappear for 17 years, only to come back and claim citizenship because they have a son or daughter here."

TRUTH: First of all, "anchor babies" -- which is a pretty disgusting term -- are not what Haskins claims them to be. The term refers to children that are conceived outside the United States, but born in U.S. hospitals so as to gain citizenship, as is the constitutional right afforded anyone born inside American boarders. Obviously, Haskins doesn't have the first fucking clue regarding immigration law since no immigrant would ever be allowed to claim citizenship under the claim that he is the father of a child that resulted from a rape. That's not only disgusting, but false and Haskins is demonstrating what a gullible peckerhead he is for passing it on.

We're still waiting for our lawsuit from this asshead. Of course, Haskins probably doesn't have the balls, so we'll just let the whiny pussy stroke himself with the rest of his racist fuckfaces. Come and get us, shit for brains.


grumps said...

I'm afraid that I must take issue with you characterizing "Mr." Haskins as a peckerhead. The term really has little or no place on a blog post such as this.

Mike Haskins should, more accurately be described as a peckerwood. Thank you.

Mike Haskins said...

thank you grumps...100% Peckerwood and proud! :D

Mike Haskins said...

Wow the childish speech used on this page is more profanse and offensive then that on my group page lol. Whose the whiny b**** now!?

Mike Haskins said...

Im beginning to believe that the proprietor of this blog somehow knows me, knows someone who knows me or is just some punk college lib based on the defamatory language used on this page. The 'best' Oshkosh blog... laughable.. Grow a spine and identify yourself already...

Mike Haskins said...

I will be sure to send you a link to my official web page soon as it is up. Please note 10 acres have been purchased in northern wisconsin for headquarters...This group will "run out of funding" and "infighting" will begin? O my dear friend, this is just the beginning..

Mike Haskins said...

and grumps..i see you are from Evansville...i frequent Evansville and have members located there. Feel free to contact me via my personal facebook page. The "douche" who runs this blog would surely delete this comment though because he doesnt really believe in free speech

Jb said...

Yes, send me a link when your website is up and running. Please do. You've been talking about this shit for weeks now and have nothing to show for it.

We don't delete comments on this site, even spam, so flame away all you want, numbnuts.

10 acres? What? Are you building a compound for all your crazy ass friends? I guess that's where all the money in your legal fund went.

Keep making a spectacular ass of yourself...

Babs said...

A commune maybe? Like a Jewish kibbutz perhaps (without the jews of course). Shared work in the daytime, chopping wood, carrying water, etc. They could grow their own "white food" that hasn't been picked and packaged by the colored folk, migrant workers, etc,

Ordinary Jill said...

Are the 10 acres in Shawano County? That's where the wingnut compounds usually spring up.

Mike Haskins said...

Okay Jb
ha! Jb like I don't know whoyou really are.
but fine then JB
I admit.I'm a worthless sack of shit. I've been drinking now for a few hours because I've just really been devastated by your posts. I can't get it alloout of my head. It hurts because, I've just realized we really did know each other in college, and I admired you so much. It's hard to explain this but I think you're such a dude. I always did. I tired to be like you, dress like you and talk like you, even the profs liked you best. I just wanted a little attention, to spend a little time.
and to make it all so much worse, you were seeing HER. shit youbanged every bitch I ever wanted.
so anyway man this all just hurts so bad.
and there was one other thing. That time, that. well I saw you in the shower in the locker room. Holy fuck d00d, you're hung. I wish i could, oh never mind.

but please you know just ease up a little please? you have no idea how much this hurts.
oh forget it, it's hopeless. you'll never care about me half as much as I care about you. Id' trade allthese skinheads fucks for just one

oh nevermind
just call me sometime man
would it fuckin kill ya?

Jb said...

Wow ... that was very emo of you, Haskins. Maybe you should throw on some skinny jeans, write some crappy poetry and then go burn a cross.

If you want to give me a phone call the number is 1-800-SUK-MY-BALLZ

Mike Haskins said...

o wow real mature of this blog to post something under my name. Id be careful, that could fall under defamation of character.

Mike Haskins said...

sorry jb. my computer was hacked twice and crashed a bunch of times. When i get the good one back the webpage is on the top of my list. Probably SPLC freaks or idiot computer geeks from UWO and st norberts . I wouldnt call it a walls and gun towers

Mike Haskins said... 10:19pm on april 12 2010 i was sitting at a truckstop having some coffee waiting to go to work..not posting some homosexual crap on this'd better watch what people post on may end up in some legal issues. These anonymous cowards musnt realize that all their posts will lead back to them..idiots. Ill have to get the surveillance from the manager for court purposes.

Jb said...

Are you calling me gay after lavishing me with praise for how well hung I am?

Keep it coming (as it were)!