Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kyle Maichle Can Run, but He Can't Hide

When Wisconsin's Shittiest Blog©, Northshore Exponent, mysteriously went dark a few months ago we shed a solitary tear because we were going to miss Kyle Maichle's vacuous, grammatically-challenged posts. It was kind of like head-hunting for the fat kid during a game of dodge ball in 4th grade gym class: it may not have been the noble thing to do, but boy was it a self-esteem builder!

Anyway, tonight we found where Mr. Maichle's been hiding and we couldn't be happier with the news because it turns out Maichle has decided to train his creepy obsession with DPW chair Mike Tate into a wonderfully inept blog called Mike Tate Watch.

Honestly, I got glass-cutting nipples when I came across this piece of work.

Maichle has decided not to attach his name to this project, but his finger prints are all over this nonsense. Case in point: his persistent use of the nickname "dirty" to describe a former candidate of no consequence (a staple of his earlier work). The funny thing is that the anonymous author actually tries to pass himself off as someone other than Maichle ("Thanks to our good friend Kyle Maichle at North Shore Exponent").

Weak, dude. Really fucking weak. Like it isn't painfully obvious that you're the guy behind "MTW" ...

This is going to be fun. Maye he'll finally tell us who won Federal Douche Bag of the Year?

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Zach W. said...

Kyle Maichle is a grade-A idiot.