Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Early Favorite for Unintentionally Hilarious Blog Post Title of the Year

"I Know Why the Caged Fetus Cries"

I wish there were like a Moh's Scale of hardness by which to measure these types of things.


Hard-hearted Stewie said...

fyi - before I even follow the link - be aware that Stewie already knew about the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and he pities the poor fools who have to look it up.

more Stew said...

oh that was just awful. Really. Stewie wishes he had never read that.

CJ said...

If he truly read the book, that was his take away?

What a sickening, hateful, sheltered, judgement, Friedburger brain bubble boy.

He's one of the the perfect examples of intelligent design. Cripes. What a creep.

Calvin said...

Thanks for the reaction, guys! If you have any observations of...y'know, substance, that you'd like to make, I'm all ears.

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